Here at Preventec Clinic our Mission Statement is “Build true health from the inside out.”

Preventec was started by Robert Steiner, Certified Nutritional Consultant and Naturopath who started his journey towards true health at the age of 25 when his health collapsed completely. Fiberglassing boats & Corvettes, auto body repair and welding had stolen his health at a very early age. Traditional Allopathic and drug based medicine proved no help in regaining his health or ever finding a cause for his debilitating illness. After stumbling upon a Naturopath that saved his life he vowed to learn this fascinating profession.

Two degrees later and almost 20 years in practice with thousands of patients has provided the biggest education. As a result, a system of healing has developed. There are no mysteries and every condition has its cause. We invite you to get to the bottom of your plaguing symptoms and discover true health together with us.

I am a Naturopathic Health Consultant.
I do not diagnose, I evaluate.
I do not prescribe, I merely suggest.
I do not cure, I balance the body so it can heal itself.
But most importantly, I impart knowledge that will make all the former obselete.
— R.J.S.

31560 Railroad Canyon Rd.
Canyon Lake, CA 92587